About Us

We are here to help you to achieve your greatness.

Emma McNally is the founder and lead trainer of Achieve Your Greatness. She discovered NLP many years ago and has used it in all areas of her professional as well as  private life to achieve some amazing goals. She now runs Achieve Your Greatness so she shares these incredible insights with you.

'NLP truly changed my life - I live and breathe it. When I first discovered NLP it was like someone had told me the greatest secret to success and I couldn't believe I didn't know about it. So it is now our mission to let as many people experience NLP as possible. The way we run the business is like a family - once you have trained with us you are one of us! We support you though your journey of discovery, providing the right level of support along the way. We become your ambassadors.'

Our Vision

To give you the keys to unlock your potential greatness.

Our Mission

We do this by creating a safe space for you to learn and discover your unique potential, through us sharing our knowledge, experience and the transformative power of NLP.

Emma McNally, NLP Trainer

Our Core Values

Our core values are; support, respect, integrity, curiosity  and kindness. 


Our Competencies​

Emma has over 30 years business experience within both the public and private sector.

She has an MBA (Masters Degree in Business Administration), ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and is an ABNLP accredited NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainer, INLPTA qualified Master Practitioner, Licenced Core Transformation Trainer and an Advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapy Practitioner (IEMT)

She is also the Essex Ambassador for ANLP.