Why Train With Us?

Why Train with us?


It is really important to find the right NLP trainer; Emma has over 10 years of experience in using NLP within her personal and professional life and holds the Gold Level of Professional Standards with ANLP.


Prior to setting up Achieve Your Greatness, she used NLP within a strategic, operational, and transformational role within a large organisation (see the case study below about how she used NLP to help cultural change).  She brings to the training a practical, pragmatic and experience-based perspective of how you can apply NLP to enable you to achieve great results. She brings the training to life with real examples and her humour and engaging and inclusive style, according to our clients, aids your learning, is refreshing and inspiring.

In addition, your class size will be small. This is deliberate and enables you to have a safe space to learn, to ask questions and have an even better learning experience

Emma's style enables your learning preferences to be catered for - whether you like to listen, watch or experience through proactive application or reflection, you will be supported. Emma is always accessible throughout the course as well as providing coaching support should you want it.

What others think...

Many well known highly successful people such as Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Barack Obama, Geri Halliwell and Cheryl Cole, to name a few, understand the power of NLP and use it to achieve greatness in their lives.

We deliver training to large corporations such as Ford Motor Company as well as private course.  98% of attendees rated the courses as either good or excellent and would recommend to a friend.


We are also rated as 5* on Google (click here to read more) and Facebook (click here to read reviews). and have some lovely reviews on the ANLP website (please click here).

To discover what some of our amazing students think about our NLP Training and Coaching, please read on;

"I feel like I am learning a super power." Alex, April2021


"Fabulous. This is going to help me run my business as well as help clients. Everyone should do this." Graeme, March 2020.

"Absolutely life changing. Thank you." Donna, January 2019

'Course was excellent - covered areas which I'd never even heard of. Emma made it very fun and enjoyable.' James, January 2019.

Our Memberships

Other Information

Case Studies

From Dream to Reality - Being Unstoppable - Inspiring Others

From dream to reality - how NLP has helped Vicky to create the business of her dreams and inspire others along the way.


Click below to read the full case study:


Cultural Change within Local Government

Please follow the link to read our case study about how we have used NLP to increase employee engagement and enable cultural change within local government:


How NLP Removed Scan Anxiety in Cancer Patient

Please follow the link to read our case study about how NLP helped to remove scan anxiety in a cancer patient and how she now uses NLP to help others:


NLP has assisted learning in the classroom

Please follow the link to read our case study about how a teacher has used NLP to help students' motivation, performance levels and behaviours in the classroom:


NLP in Health and Pain Management

Some of our clients

Please follow the link to read our case study about how NLP has helped one of our clients with pain management and health:


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