Many well known highly successful people such as Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Barack Obama, Geri Halliwell and Cheryl Cole, to name a few, understand the power of NLP and use it to achieve greatness in their lives. To discover what some of our amazing students think about our NLP Training, NLP Practitioner courses and Coaching, read on;

'Absolutely life changing. Thank you.'  Donna, January 2019

'Course was excellent - covered areas which I'd never even heard of. Emma made it very fun and enjoyable.' James, January 2019.

'Loved it, thank you.' Clare, January 2019

'Very enjoyable, good pace and interaction. Very thought provoking - thank you.' Aimee, January 2019

'Superbly presented. Loved the interactive/group work it really helped to understand the point.' January 2019

'Highly recommend - "approach life differently for better outcomes and well-being."' December 2018

'Excellent, interesting and engaging.' December 2018.

'Brilliant course, uncovers a lot about you.' Maninder, December 2018.

'I just want to say thank you, I had an interview , I was so nervous but I used the techniques you taught us at NLP Introduction day; power of visualisation and positive attitude. It was amazing and yes, I got the job.' Isabel 2018.


'Loved the course, delivered in a fun way and very informative. Emma certainly knows here 'stuff' and more! Thank you.' Nishi Dubash, 2018.

'I am now the absolute best version of myself and never felt happier. Thank you.' Nicole Lucy-Jones, 2018.

'Excellent course. Very well put together and delivered - loved the style of learning - good balance of theory and practical. Emma's style is really engaging, encouraging and personable.' Karen Phillips, 2018.


'Excellent course. Really stretched my understanding on how important language is and changing installed beliefs. Trainer was full of positive attitude and very in-tuned with her audience.' Mandy Rose, 2018.

'Excellent. Very engaging and knowledgeable tutor who not only understood the content but was passionate about it. Felt motivated, enthusiastic and it was very engaging.' Richard Smith, 2018.

'Fantastic tutor in Emma. Fantastic course, life changing. Emma has great energy and great enthusiasm for the topic - I feel lucky to have met her.' Elaine Sparks, 2018.

'For me it took a while and many questions for the penny to drop. When it did, hundreds of pennies fell on me!' Alan Phillips, 2018.

'Excellent. I liked the pace, number of days and how the lessons were constructed. Excellent trainer amazing, empathetic, understanding, commanding and fab.' Tasha, 2018.

'I have found today's course very informative, it has given me a boost to drive my business forward in a positive direction. I feel I am now armed with some powerful tools to help me succeed and am very interested in learning more to develop myself and my business. Would highly recommend!'  Liz Rochester Shaddock. October 2018.

'My goals when I signed up to do an NLP diploma was to improve my communication skills and to learn how to form new habits using the NLP methodologies, I wanted to apply what I learnt to improve what I was doing at the time. What I got out was so much more, I had a couple of huge lightbulb moments and mindset changes that gave me the confidence to give up my 17 year career and pursue building my own business doing what I love, Art. What I have learnt doing a NLP diploma has been life changing, it’s given me the courage to live a life doing what I want to do, NLP has helped me overcome limiting beliefs and given me the courage to go after my dreams. Emma’s methods of teaching is engaging and fun, I cannot recommend doing a course with Emma and Achieve Your Greatness enough.'  To see Philippa's amazing artwork, please visit www.asifliving.co.uk/ 


'Everyone should know this stuff... it helps you to look at the world in a completely different way.' 2018

"Excellent course, such energy, making it so engaging. Just brilliant. Emma puts so much energy into this course, the experience is breath-taking." Ian, June 2017.

"Excellent course. It has changed my life. I am now able to know I can always find resources within myself. Not just changed myself but the ability to help guide others." Suzanne, June 2017.

"Amazing content, such an eye opener. I learnt so much." Philly, June 2017.

"It has been amazing. It has helped me lots. I feel free and feel empowered and in control." Linda, June 2017.

"Excellent course - made me think. Learnt about myself and the great team I am working with." Brian, June 2017.

"Excellent course - fantastic." Jane, June 2017.


“The course was inspirational. I wished I had known this years’ ago; it would have made such a difference in my life.” May 2016

“I found it incredibly useful and motivational.” May 2016

“Thank you for the session, I actually feel at peace for the first time in... forever.” Nov, 2015

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