Advanced NLP Business Practitioner

If you are an existing NLP Practitioner, then the NLP Business Practitioner course will enable you to take your leadership skills to the next level; become a world-class inspirational leader others want to follow and create a culture of success.

Why the Advanced NLP Business Practitioner?

No matter the size of your organisation, whether in the public or private sector, the ability to be an inspirational leader to those around you will always be essential to the success of your business.

Everyone at some point in time has either seen, heard or had the experience of an inspirational leader… maybe in a business setting, on TV or YouTube or even in your mind’s eye and have noticed the positive impact they had on those around them. Have you ever wondered how they do it and wished that you too could be like them?

If so, then the NLP Advanced Business Practitioner is for you as it will take you on a journey of discovery of what makes an inspirational leader and you will experience first-hand how to model these traits to enable you to become a leader that others will naturally want to follow.

What will you learn during the Advanced NLP Business Practitioner?

  • How to unlock your own potential to become a world-class inspirational leader; to discover your own resources and talents and how to model excellence within the leadership field.

  • How to create a compelling vision for your business.

  • How to work with others to create a culture that successfully delivers your vision.

  • How to lead change successfully in an ever evolving environment.

  • How to become an innovative problem solver and to develop creativity strategies that work and can be applied in all areas within your business.

  • How to understand others perspectives to improve relationships and enable you to communicate in a way that lowers resistance, builds engagement and ensures your messages are understood more easily.

  • How to negotiate and influence others so you can get the best from individuals, teams, stakeholders and peers for the benefit of your organisation.

  • How to become a confident and charismatic public speaker that others will want to listen to.

  • The programme includes a leadership modelling project as well as a presentation.

Who is it for?

  • Directors, managers and business owners.

  • Aspiring leaders and those looking for the next career move.

  • Learning and Development professionals, trainers, coaches and mentors.

  • HR professionals, change managers and those who are responsible for cultural change, communicating, influencing and performance improvement within an organisation.

Participants' Feedback

"I was fortunate to attend the NLP Practitioner and Business NLP practitioner courses run by Emma McNally at Achieve Your Greatness. The experience was amazing. It was a journey in itself. Emma's knowledge and experience is second to none and she delivers the course in a very detailed and thorough manner. Add to all this a series of fun anecdotes to illustrate the learnings and practice with other members and you end with a memorable experience and fantastic tools and processes to further your journey into self development and coaching. Without a doubt, I would recommend you to learn NLP with Emma. Her dedication to NLP and sharing her knowledge coupled with her obvious passion make it an experience not to be missed! Feeling grateful for the great experience I had!" Emmanuelle, 2020


"Simply amazing - learning to learn. It works brilliantly because it is project based." Ian, 2018

"Absolutely excellent - it has changed the way I do everything, work, projects, engaging etc." Kay, 2018


"Excellent. I have never laughed so much but also learnt so much. This course has changed my life." Suzanne, 2018


"Excellent, thought provoking. As a business practitioner, this is excellent at getting greater business performance." Brian, 2018.


"Excellent, the best ever." Jane, 2018.


How will you learn?

The Advanced NLP Business Practitioner is different from any other leadership development programme. You will learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how to use this throughout your business to achieve incredible results.


You will model exceptional leaders in their field so that you can achieve excellence within yours. You will deepen you own skills and be able to easily bridge the gap between technical capability and excellence in order to create a high performing, successful culture that really delivers.


The programme is a mixture of information, experiential learning and practical application within the workplace.


You will complete two projects (modelling leadership and presenting) in addition to experiencing your own personal transformation journey to become the leader you truly want to be.

What if you do the Advanced NLP Business Practitioner course?

Imagine your business going from strength to strength, you have the confidence to lead people through the ups and down of the business world, you are able to speak in a way that inspires others and there is a culture of success that ripples out to all of your customers who come back again and again.

This is what an inspirational leader can achieve… and that leader could be you. Find out how with the NLP Advanced Business Practitioner Programme.

Course dates and logistics

The Advanced NLP Business Practitioner is for certified NLP Practitioners who want to build on their NLP knowledge and apply it to their work to have incredible results.

  • Next course dates: 6th, 7th and 13th January 2022 and 25th February 2022.

  • Your Investment: £800

  • Please contact us using the form to book your place.

  • Note: you need to be a certified NLP Practitioner to complete this course.

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It is easy to book with us; we just need a £250 deposit and a completed booking form. So if you already know that the Advanced NLP Business Practitioner is for you, then please click here to download the booking form, complete it and email it along with a copy of your NLP Practitioner certificate to: or contact us using the contact form below, if you have any questions.

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