Continuous Professional Development

Already NLP Certified?

If you are already an NLP Practitioner, then we offer a number of packages to support your continuing development as follows:

NLP Training Assistant

We offer our graduates the opportunity to come back for free as an assistant on any of the courses they have passed with ourselves. So, if you have trained with us and paid for your course the first time, then you can come back again and again (provided we have the space) as an assistant. You take the 'meta position which deepens your learning. You do need to contact us to book your place as it is on a first come first served basis and is entirely at our discretion. 

If you have trained with another provider, then you are welcome to come as a 'reviewer' and we give a 50% discount off our list price (we just need to see your certificate).

NLP Reflections (Supervisory)

Practice Workshops (in partnership with ANLP)

If you are practicing NLP regularly with clients, it is good practice to have regular NLP Reflection (supervisory) session.


We offer these either as a 1:1 on a pay as you go basis (£150 per hour for non AYG (Achieve Your Greatness) students, and £75 an hour for AYG students)

Date for the next group session is 12th January 2021, 19:30 start via Zoom (£50 for the session).

Please contact us to book your place. 

Like any skill, NLP should be practised regularly. We run regular practice workshops for those who are either certified NLP Practitioners or have a keen interest in NLP.


These sessions are fun, interactive and there is always great energy. We have different topics each time and they run every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7:30pm to 9:30pm via Zoom.


It is a great opportunity to practice your skills, discuss NLP with others and mix with like-minded people. 

To book your place, please book via Eventbrite.

Ambassador Programme

Our Ambassador Programme is designed to enable you to earn training credits or free coaching sessions. The feedback we receive from our courses is so amazing and many of you have said that you often recommend our training to others, so this is how we say 'thank you' for your recommendations and how we, as a NLP community, can share NLP with more and more people. We all know how incredibly powerful it is and so continuing to share it with as many as possible, is our mission and our passion. Full details of this programme is available here. Again, please contact us if you would like to know more. 

Membership Programme

This programme is designed to support your ongoing development. Provided you have trained with us for at least 10 hours, you can join the membership programme where you will receive regular coaching sessions, discounts on future courses, free practice workshops and much more. The prices is £80 per month and full details can be found attached.

You can use this programme for your own ongoing development or to have coaching to set up your own practice - or a blend of both. Please contact us so we can design the right package for you.

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