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The Secret of Sleep

Do you struggle to get to sleep at night?

Or do you get to sleep okay, but wake up during the night and can't get back to sleep?

Or maybe you wake up too early as your brain is working overtime.

If any of these are you, then there is an answer! The Secret of Sleep is a life-changing programme where you will relearn how to sleep.

You will be guided step by step to understand the importance of sleep, what is causing you to have a poor night's sleep, and most importantly give you powerful strategies so that you can sleep well, easily, and effortlessly.

Your Investment: £245 - all-in price that includes:

  • Your Secret of Sleep course tuition 

  • Your course manual


Next course dates:​

5th June 2024, 9:30 am - 6 pm at Writtle University College

Please contact me to book this course. 

Note; if you have epilepsy or a sleep disorder such as narcolepsy or sleep apnea, then please contact your GP for advice first before booking, as this course is not a substitute for medical intervention.

"This has turned my nights around! After a lifetime of battling wakefulness in the early hours and the churn of my ‘busy brain’ I now feel like I have choices around my sleep! I regularly get good quality sleep and I’m not at the beck and call of the sleep deprivation gods! Thanks for introducing me to restful nights!"

"Emma’s training has completely changed my attitude towards sleep…and as a result, I am now much better at it! I love the flexibility of the sleep model and most importantly, realising that I have a choice around my sleep patterns…who knew!! Thank you for letting me take part in the pilot project – it’s a sleep changer!!"

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