Media and Podcasts with Emma McNally

Emma McNally is a motivational and inspirational public speaker. She is regularly a guest speaker at events, so if you are interested to book Emma to speak at your event, please compete the contact form. 

Quick Tip on the difference between roles and identity

Emma shares how important it is to know the difference between the roles you play and your identity when it comes to transitioning through change more easily. Listen to find our more. 

Linguistic Tip on using the word 'but'!

Emma shares how the word 'but' can be used linguistically with purpose to improve your communication.

Emma is Interviewed on BBC Essex Radio

Listen to Emma's interview with Rob Jelly on BBC Essex Radio about her role as Essex Ambassador for NLP.

How to achieve your greatness


This short video gives you a taster of Emma's training style whilst sharing some insights on how to achieve greatness within your life.

Appreciative Inquiry: One Small Step for NLP, One Giant Leap for Organisational Change


Click here to listen to a short video that gives you a taster for Emma's upcoming seminar at the NLP International Conference in May 2019.


How to have confidence during an interview or important meeting

Click here to listen to a podcast where Emma McNally, founder of Achieve your Greatness Ltd is interviewed by Dawn Moss, Your Interview Coach, where they are discussing how to have confidence during an interview.

How to have a wedding as individual as you are. The podcasts - conflicts, confusion and keeping control!

Click here to listen to a podcast where Emma McNally, founder of Achieve your Greatness Ltd is interviewed by the amazing photographer, Ross Willsher, where she talks about how to deal with conflicts, confusion and how to keep control during your wedding day and throughout the preparations.

Emma talks about her love for NLP on 'My Friends Are Great' website.

Click on the video to listen to why Emma loves NLP!

Quick Tip on how to grow your confidence

Emma shares how to start to grow your confidence by looking at the Internal/External Meta Program. Listen to find our more. 

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