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Emma McNally
Elizabeth Everington

Teacher's Toolkit... Reaching Beyond Beliefs
Restoring Balance in Education

In a culture where Ofsted, the curriculum, and students’ wellbeing come first, teachers can feel that they are not being seen or heard.


They are often ill or exhausted due to workloads, which results in the loss of their brilliance, impacting the learners, school, and the teaching profession.


Unless they discover their own value, self-worth, and look after their well-being, they will continue to leave education. Their genius, experience, and wisdom will be lost to future generations.

These workshops are designed for schools where the importance of their teachers' well-being is understood and who want to take proactive steps to support them.

Workshop Titles

"This was an excellent course. It was great to hear lots more examples of how NLP can be used in an educational setting. Emma and Elizabeth are very knowledgeable."

"Very interesting and I would really recommend it to my colleagues at the school. Learned a lot and really happy to use the techniques."

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