NLP Master Practitioner 

If you have already qualified as a NLP Practitioner, then the NLP Master Practitioner course takes your learning to the next level. We help you to deepen your knowledge even further and learn how to use NLP in a way to bring about fundamental change to yourself and others.


On the course, you will learn;

  • How we create our own reality and your reality strategy.

  • About the universal mirror, deep and surface structure including inversing/negation, objectivity and the epistemology and ontology of NLP.

  • Quantum linguistics including advanced presuppositions, Sleight of Mouth patterns, Milton Model to enable change and Meta Model III, 7 Steps to Change, Chaining Model Operators,  and linguistic resourcing.

  • The structure of beliefs and how to conduct a belief audit and assessment. You will also learn how to chain beliefs and use the 'as if module, along with the Museum of Old Beliefs.

  • Advanced Meta Programs, complex clusters, linguistic markers and how to change Meta-Programs.

  • You will learn additional change tools such as Decision Destroyer, SCORE Model, Sliding Anchors etc. 

  • NLP and health, including autoimmune disease, healing your mind, the placebo effect and using healthy language. You will also explore techniques to manage pain and the Allergy Model.

  • Deep change techniques, including Drop Through Technique, Internal Propulsion System, Compulsion Blow Out, First and Second Order Change etc.  

  • Advanced strategies for life and modelling, from advanced elicitation, design, redesign, utilisation, how to change and install strategies and scrambling. 

  • Disney Creativity Strategy, motivation strategies, spelling strategies and how to elicit macro strategies and use TOTE map across. 

  • Neuro-logical levels and values, including; Massey and Graves and values transition. You will learn how to elicit values change them and align them including clearing 'away from' values. 

  • You will also learn advanced work using timelines, changing personal history, clearing and changing timelines and re-imprinting.

  • Advanced metaphors and nested loops.

  • About identity development, self- concept, and complete the Hero's Journey (Robert Dilts) and including prime concern elicitation and purpose.

  • You will also complete a Modelling Project and conduct a full Break-Through Coaching Session and much more!

NLP Master Practitioners

Future Course Dates in Essex: 

  • Module 1 - dates to be confirmed for 2023

  • Module 2 - dates to be confirmed for 2023

  • Module 3 - dates to be confirmed for 2023

  • Module 4 - dates to be confirmed for 2023

Your investment: £2,500 (which includes £50 assessment and certification fee). Note you get eight 1/2 price coaching sessions when you study the Master Practitioner course with us. 

This course is run every other year so the next course is in 2023. Please follow the link for further information on our NLP Master Practitioner.

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It is easy to book with us; we just need a £250 deposit and a completed booking form. So if you already know that the NLP Master Practitioner is for you, then please click here to download the booking form and email it with a copy of your NLP Practitioner Certificate to:

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