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Emma McNally Training

NLP Taster Session

Do you want more control over your emotions?


Do you want to build better relationships?

Are you curious about how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you achieve this and so much more?

If so, then come along to a 2-hour introduction on Zoom and see how NLP can help you.

By the end of the session, you will have two incredibly powerful models at your fingertips to: 

  • Improve your relationships by communicating powerfully with others in a way that avoids conflict (The NLP Communication Model)

  • Easily and effortlessly change your emotions so that you always have the resources to deal with any situation (The Mercedes Model).


If all this whets your appetite for more amazing change in your life, the great news is that by doing this NLP Training Taster course, you have already completed the first session of your NLP Diploma Course.

Book now for £10 with code:


Next course dates (click on a date below to book): 

18th May 2024

16th July 2024

What next?





Or go straight for the REAL life-changer…and help others transform their lives too!

“Thank you Emma for inviting me into a fabulous community of people who speak my language.”

“I feel like I am learning a super-power." 


"Absolutely life-changing. Thank you." 

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