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Are you living someone else’s life?

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Do you feel sometimes you are rushing around trying to please others or even following a career path or way of life because it is something you feel you ought to do rather than what you truly want to do?

When we start to understand how our beliefs about life are formed i.e. by ‘downloading’ them from those around us from an early age, is it unsurprising to sometimes feel that we are unsure of who we really are and may even feel that we are living up to the requirement of other people rather than being our own true self.

When you consider that our time on earth is limited and, as Maslow so eloquently put it, one of our highest human needs is to feel self-actualization and fulfilment, this can be less than easy to achieve if we are in living up to other’s expectations rather than our own.

So how can you achieve fulfilment?

The first thing to consider is actually what is it that you really want and who are you at the core – your true self. Once you have discovered this, then you can start to create exciting goals for yourself and put plans in place to enable them to happen. You can consider the consequences of your outcomes and put contingency plans in place as well as remove obstacles that could be blocking your way, such as beliefs that are holding you back.

Once you start to move along the path towards achieving you own goals, then life can become more enjoyable and you feel more congruent and comfortable in your own skin – that you are at last living your own life, rather than someone else’s!

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